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Profile of Bro. Raju

"Jesus didn’t come to change your religion or name, He came to change your life”

Bro. Raju was a born in a Hindu family. He was very aggressive in His religion and was working against Christian people. His entire family got saved and he was the only guy who didn't want to give his life to Jesus. But one fine day, one of his friends took him to a Christian meeting. There he gave his life to Jesus emotionally. But his life was not changed. When he was a Hindu, he used to drink, he used to fight, he used to speak bad language, he had pride, jealousy, anger etc. When he became a Christian, he was still the same. He was a namesake Christian, without any change in His character. He believed that Jesus came to this world not to change the religion or name, but He came to change our lives. But his life was not changed. He was a Christian who didn't read Bible, a Christian who didn't pray, a Christian who didn't tell the love of Jesus to others. He was a Sunday Christian.

In the year 2000, God touched his life in a supernatural way. He felt His presence in a powerful way. He cried and gave his life to Jesus once again. From then, his characters have been changed and he came out of all the bad habits.

By God's grace he has started a ministry called "Rescue Mission Ministries" in the year 2007 though which many people are blessed. He is challenging people to live for God. His passion and desire is to plunder hell and fill the heaven.